Exclusive Hotels

Here you will find in depth information on hotels that offer levels of service, comfort, accommodation and cuisine that exceed expectation.

The exclusive hotels and luxury hotel chains detailed within this website have all received a high hotel rating from one or all of the recognised hotel rating organisations. This normally will have been issued by the London Tourist Board, AA or the RAC.

An exclusive hotel will be defined in different ways dependant on what you are looking for. It may be you are looking for a couture hotel such as the von Essen collection or simply a very high level of service in a luxurious environment. Whether you are looking for a boutique guesthouse or luxury accommodation this site only contains information on hotels with the very highest standard hotel beds.

Luxury Hotel Chains

There are many exclusive luxury hotel chains around the word catering for the traveller who demands the best a city has to offer in the way of luxury accommodation. W hotels for instance operate hotels in America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. From Von Essen to Rocco Forte browse the sub categories of this section to view exclusive luxury hotel chains in resorts and cities throughout the UK and worldwide.

Some of the best in boutique and luxury accommodation can be found in the UK. Many of these exclusive hotels are part of luxury hotel chains that operate in many cities. With the opening of Von Essen Battersea in London the luxury UK hotel chain is one of the most ambitious and varied with hotels ranging from majestic and gracious to small and intimate. Rocco Forte operates hotels in London, Manchester and Edinburgh and the W hotel luxury hotel chain look to follow suit by 2010. Browse this category to view luxury hotel chains operating within the UK.

The UKs capital hosts some of the most exclusive hotels in the world. With a wealth of boutique hotels including some of the most famous exclusive hotels such as The Savoy and The Dorchester London is a prime spot for exclusive hotels.

Luxury Hotels London

The city of London boasts some of the most exclusive hotels in the world. They tend to congregate around the central areas of Kensington, Mayfair, Knightsbridge, West End, Belgravia and Chelsea but many can be found in less obvious places around the city’s outer areas. Many hotels will describe themselves as ‘boutique’ but may be less then appealing to many customers. While there is no accounting for taste, a 5 star rating from the AA or the London Tourist Board is a good signal that the hotel is of an impeccable standard.

5 star luxury hotels London

All of the hotels here have 5 stars to their name by one of the aforementioned establishments. The sub sections of this page showcases some of the best that London has to offer in luxurious accommodation ranging from award winning spa hotels in the Chelsea to luxury family hotels central to London. London features some of the most iconic deluxe hotels in the world. The Savoy, Dorchester and Park Lane hotel are all located in central London.

Luxury Hotels in Bath

Bath is a fascinating city of rare beauty that has been attracting visitors since the dawn of time.

Stone Age hunters roamed here before the legendary Prince Bladud discovered the hot springs for which Bath has become famous. When the Romans arrived they constructed a grand collection of buildings around the springs, but with the collapse of their empire the magnificent buildings were abandoned and buried for almost a thousand years.

These springs, however, are only a part of the city’s extraordinary attraction. Bath is situated in a picturesque bowl of hills, and most of the buildings you see today date from the 18th century when a triumvirate of prominent citizens effectively created the stunning Georgian city that astonishes visitors today.

Beau Nash, professional gambler and bon viveur, turned the city into a fashionable playground for the beau monde. Ralph Allen provided plentiful supplies of the beautiful stone that lends the city its graceful air of uniformity. Finally, John Wood the Elder, and his son, created a new city on a grand scale. Bath now boasts more Grade I listed buildings than Central London and is the only English city to be designated a “World Heritage Site’.’

Not surprisingly this remarkable city never fails to astonish and entertain visitors from all over the world.

In keeping with the cities opulent past there are many Exclusive hotels to chose from. Browse the subsections to see what it has to offer.

Luxury Hotels Vienna

Austria’s capital is brimming with grandiose baroque architecture some of which is utilised by hoteliers to accommodate the more discerning traveller. The city is host to a number of the world’s most luxurious hotels offering both high standards as well as boutique hotel environments. Vienna, Austria is a living embodiment of the old majestic Austro-Hungarian Empire but it is also a modern city with much to offer in the way of nightlife. Browse the sub sections of this page to find out more of what the city has to offer in the way of 5 star hotels.

Exclusive use hotels

Many luxury hotels are prime venues for exclusive use. Hotels are great venues for weddings and country house and luxury hotels offer that little extra for the special day. Small exclusive use hotels can be found throughout the UK with hotels in Sussex and Scotland being a favourite for hosting weddings. We are also currently on the lookout for hotels that cater for activity and seasonal accommodation. Get in touch if you have any suggestions.

Most exclusive hotel

The dictionary definition of exclusive is sole; limited to a selected few; incompatible; fashionable; unique. Most of the aforementioned attributes limit the traveller by one thing; money! If this was our barometer of exclusivity then the Burj Al Arab in Dubai at $6,800 (around £5000) a night would be a contender. The Royal Suite which is the most exclusive and expensive of all the hotel rooms is located on the 25th floor and exudes luxury from every facet with its gold staircase, marble and leopard print tufted carpets. The master bedroom also boasts a private cinema and a rotating four-poster canopy bed. Of course what makes many hotels exclusive is their inaccessibility or boutique characteristics that demands one to be ‘in the know’ to even be aware of them. The debate will rage as to what is the worlds most exclusive hotel but I have taken some of these defining characteristics and applied them to several hotels throughout the world.